How to Rock Your Next Hair Style Consultation

The secret to perfect hair? Some swear by biotin. For some, coconut oil is all the rage. And some even say the secret is a strict No Poo regime.

To a stylist, though, the secret to great hair is simple: a great style. In reality, you can nourish your hair inside and out–we hope you do–but if you don’t love your style you won’t love your hair.

A great style begins with a great style consultation. Your stylist should be adept at translating your words into a stellar cut. But it takes two to tango, and your role is important too.

So how can you rock your next hair style consultation?

Follow these three tips from the professional stylists at Barberella Salon.

Your hair is unique: A hair style consultation helps your stylist help you.

How to Rock Your Next Style Consultation

Pre-Appointment: Do Your Homework

Most people know the oft-repeated advice to collect photos of your desired style. The photos do help, our experts say, as long as you’re realistic about your own hair. Choose styles that work for your unique hair type (see link below). And think in terms of inspiration–not necessarily precise replication.

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Also, before you book your appointment, do a little “stylist homework.” It helps to work with a stylist with expertise in your hair type or intended style. Barberella Salon offers an online “Meet Your Stylist” feature to help choose the perfect stylist for you.

Appointment Day: Wear Your Hair

On the day of your appointment, style your hair as normal. Many clients come in without any styling whatsoever. Wearing your normal style helps your stylist understand the design template for your new style. Examining your normal style, too, your stylist can more easily ask pointed questions about your hair type and your current regime.

About that regime: Be prepared to tell your stylist all the details about your regime, including recent treatments, such as coloring treatments, and the products you use each day. It may help to create a “note” in your phone listing all your products.

Appointment Time: Rock the Consultation

The first step to a great consultation? Show up on time. Most salons run on strict time schedules. If you show up late, your stylist may have to sacrifice the consultation time. On the other hand, if your stylist is running late, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your consultation–if your stylist is rushing the consultation, speak up!

The consultation itself should be an open, easy conversation. You explain the details of your hair type and your regime as well as your expectations. Your stylist offers her professional opinion.

Now is the time to share your photos. Tell your stylist exactly why you like the looks.

Remember, this conversation is about possibilities: What can your hair do? What style is reasonable for your hair? If you’re open to suggestions, your stylist can help guide you to the style that works best for your hair.

Finally, be honest about your own styling skills. Are you an expert home stylist? Or do you prefer a wash-and-go regime? You want a great style–but you also want a style that is easy for you to maintain.

Get the Style You Want: Barberella Salon

Want to rock a new style? Not sure about the details? The stylists at Barberella Salon pride themselves on attentive and inquisitive hair style consultations.

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