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Massage Therapy: What Type of Massage Do You Need?

Conventional wisdom has always viewed massage therapy as a panacea for stress relief. Now research supports the use of massage therapy as a viable healing tool.

As a supportive therapy, massage can relieve many types of pain and potentially even alleviate a host of medical issues, including fibromylagia and depression.

Of course, research also supports the use of massage for the relief of stress and tension–and we all know how stress can effect your look.

For health and beauty, in fact, massage may be the simplest (and most enjoyable) “magic pill.”

Read below to learn about the different massage styles, and how massage can benefit you.

Massage therapy can be a “magic pill” for health and beauty

Massage Therapies: What “Type” of Massage Do You Need?

Massage therapies are often categorized in different, sometimes interchangeable, and sometimes confusing ways. You’ve likely heard of Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. But what about bamboo massage, hot stone massage, or Thai yoga massage?

Don’t let the categories confuse you. Most types of massage can be classified in one of two ways: therapeutic massage or relaxation massage.

Therapeutic massages, like deep tissue, offer pain or injury relief.

Relaxation massages, which often use Swedish massage techniques, offer stress-relief.

Of course, all massage modalities offer interchangeable benefits, including pain or stress-relief, and many massage therapists do not distinguish between the two.

So how do you know what “type” of massage you need?

Nancy Kash, the massage therapist at Barberella Salon, who offers both Swedish and deep tissue massages with trigger point therapy, emphasizes the importance of consultation.

“I take the time to discuss a plan of action with each and every client,” Nancy says. “Of course, this is just a prelude to the massage, so clients should take time to detail their needs and expectations.”

Nancy suggests asking your massage therapist how he/she will apply pressure before any massage—especially any “deep tissue” massage. Depending on your comfort level, you may prefer direct or gentle, sustained pressure.

In general, for relaxation massages, Nancy uses a light to medium pressure that emphasizes flow, balancing your energy while focusing on the body parts where you hold tension. For therapeutic massages, Nancy may apply gentle, sustained pressure to the deepest layers of muscles and fascia (the connective tissues enveloping muscles).

To boost the healing benefits, Nancy also incorporates healing essential oils, which have been proven to induce relaxation.

“But so much of this is guided by the client’s needs,” Nancy says. “So I definitely suggest speaking up before, during, and after the massage.”

Massages at Barberella Salon

Barberella Salon in Ambler is now offering a comprehensive suite of massage services with licensed massage therapist, Nancy Kash.

Nancy attended the Pennsylvania School of Massage Therapy (now Cortiva) before joining a local chiropractor’s office. She later joined Pure Spa before finding a home at Barberella Salon, where she is now the principle massage and muscle therapist.

To book your massage, contact us online or call Barberella Salon today: 215-643-4066.