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Hair Gloss: The Cure for Dull Hair

Does your hair look dull and lifeless? Do you long for the sparkly hues of Hollywood stars?

Whatever the cause–hard water, chlorine, or dehydration, to name a few–dull, lifeless hair is relatively easy to fix. Beyond lifestyle changes, like proper nutrition or adequate hydration, you’ll find the simplest most effective solution at your local salon: a hair gloss.

Hair glosses (and glazes) maintain or enhance your hair’s color, increasing shine and luster. A gloss is an essential part of a color treatment, yet many people choose stand-alone treatments to revitalize dull, lifeless hair.

Want to learn more about glazes and glosses? We have everything your need to know below…

A hair gloss or glaze can enhance the effects of a color treatment.

Gloss or Glaze?

Many salons use the terms gloss and glaze interchangeably. While the two treatments are similar, they do differ in a few essential ways.

As Trisha Stewart of Barberella Salon notes: “Glosses and glazes are basically the same treatment–what makes them different is the application and timing of the treatment.”

A colored or clear gloss brushed on the hair (often after coloring) adds a noticeable shine to the hair, invigorating untreated hair or boosting the natural luster of a color treatment.

With a colored gloss, a skilled stylist can customize a color treatment or enrich natural tones. A clear gloss is perfect for simply adding shine to natural or colored hair.

Glosses last about four to six weeks.

Glazes function in much the same way as glosses yet last about a week or two. Glosses can penetrate the cuticle but glazes tend to stay on the shaft of the hair. For this reason, a glaze can be especially effective for reducing frizz and taming flyaways.

Hair Glosses and Glazes: A Few Special Considerations

Glosses or glazes are popular for a reason: they work! To maximize the effectiveness of your next treatment, take note of a few special considerations.

Trust the Process

Stylists are trained to understand how glosses and glazes work with different hair colors and types.

At the salon, tell your stylist what you’re hoping for, and then trust the process: Your stylist will mix your own custom blend to perfectly complement your hair.

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Don’t Shampoo Too Soon

After application, glosses and glazes need time to “take” to your hair.

If you shampoo too quickly after your treatment, you may reduce the intensity and or longevity of the shine or color-enhancements.

Nina Nociforo, the color maven at Barberella Salon, suggests waiting “up to forty-eight hours” after leaving the salon before washing treated hair.

Limit the Heat

Excessive heat exposure will fade your treatment, so you’ll want to limit your hot showers, hot styling tools, and direct sun exposure.

Now just might be the time to invest in a beautiful sun hat.

And it never hurts to try a cold shower. Recent evidence has revealed that cold showers can yield a host of surprising benefits–including benefits for the hair.

Get the Shine You Want: Barberella Salon

Do you want to revitalize dull hair or improve the shine or color of our next treatment? You need a hair gloss! The stylists at Barberella Salon can help you find the perfect gloss to complement your hair.

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