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At Barberella, we’ve got your hair goals covered! From seamless highlights to trendy dimensional colors, we offer a la carte services and to make life a little easier, we’ve also bundled our top services for you into several package options. Whether you’re into the whole package or prefer a customized experience, we’re here to make sure your hair slays. Let’s find the perfect service(s) for you!

Your color journey starts with a personalized consultation to tailor the service to your unique hair needs and dreams. We guarantee your expectations are met, delivering the best results every time!

Mini Foil Highlight or Balayage : This service is intended to softly brighten the area around your face or part line. If you are looking for a bolder face frame or overall lightening, please chose a maintenance or full service.

$75 – 175+

Partial Foil Highlight or Balayage : Chose this service if you want a noticeable brightness throughout the front of your hair through your crown. Also great for anyone looking for a bold “money piece” with some well placed highlights throughout your parting.

$125 – 230+

Full Foil Highlight or Balayage : This service will give overall brightness and on most a noticeable color change. If your hair is super thick or long, and you want a noticeable change in one appointment, we would recommend a custom color.

$135 – 305+

Gloss + Root Melt

A common add on to most highlight services. Root Melt will help blur highlight lines to give a more modern/lived in finish. The gloss will help balance tone and add shine.


Root Retouch : This service is for you if you are looking just to cover or blend gray roots (1-2″) or change the reflect of regrowth with demi or permanent color.

$55 – 110+




$50 – 125+

Loreal Metal Detox : helps to reduce breakage and create reliable color results. also maintains color vibrancy and provides softness and nourishment to the hair.


Add Bond Builder (B3 or Olaplex) : strengthens and protects hair from  breakage.

$20 – 45+


$30 – 60+

Haircut + Blowout

$50 -110+


$35 -60+

  •    Add Curls :     $25+
  •    Add Flatiron : $20+

Extended Blowout : If your your hair is thick and long, this is the blowout service for you! This gives our your stylist the extra time needed to complete your look.

$40 -70+

Formal Down Style : This service does not include a wash + blowout, please let us know if you would like to add a that when booking.

$45 – 70+

Keratin Treatment : Cezanne is a frizz fighting smoothing treatment designed to leave the hair soft, silky and manageable. It tames unruly and hard to manage curls without completely losing them, and cuts blow-dry time down by anywhere from 30-50%!

$275 – 375+

K-18 Treatment : Treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage in four minutes. The patented peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat, restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair. Service includes take home product.


Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment :  This miracle treatment will help to remove mineral, medicinal, and other buildup for proper color service. This works amazingly well on swimmer’s hair.


Davines Prescriptive Mask : Your stylist will consult on your hair/scalp concerns and prescribe the best mask to help reach your beauty goals.

$10 – 20

Davines Oi Luster : Instantly gives extra shine, silkiness and extreme softness to the hair, for a glass-like finish.


Davines Nourishing : Revitalizing and reconstructive for the well-being of scalp and dry, brittle and damaged hair


Davines Renewing : It nourishes, moisturizes and promotes the wellbeing of scalp and hair. It stimulates the scalp and hair, making the hair fiber healthy, firm and shiny without weighing the hair down.


Davines Replumping : Compacts, invigorates and replumps the structure of hair that looks full and shiny.It enables the styling to last longer with a lasting anti-humidity effect. Hair appears thicker, fuller and is protected from breakage.



We can only provide estimates for extension pricing, since it’s such a customized service. Our general pricing is hair/product cost plus stylist hourly rate. All extensions appointments begin with a consultation. This is booked with a non-refundable $25 fee. Your stylist will discuss the best method for your hair and lifestyle. If you are ready to move ahead and book, your hair will be ordered (the hair order is NOT refundable) and your appointment scheduled. Your $25 consultation fee will be deducted from your installation appointment.

Level 1   $90

Level 2   $100

Level 3   $110

Level 4   $120

Hair can cost anywhere from $200 up to $1000+ for initial installment.

Tape In Initial Appointments include wash, trim and style and are roughly 2-2.5 hours

Hand Tied Weft Appointments include wash, trim and style and are roughly 3-3.5 hours

K Tip Appointments include wash trim and style and are roughly 4+ hours

Maintenance and removal appointments include wash and style and timing varies. During your initial consult, your stylist will be able to provide you with more accurate timing and cost.

Tape In Extensions

Maintenance: 4-6weeks, Hair reusable up to a year with proper hair and 


Ideal for : Clients who want a fast application & suitable for all hair types

Not Ideal for : clients who wear their hair up, have overly active lifestyles, or are active swimmers. 

Hand Tied Wefts

Maintenance: 4-8weeks, Hair reusable up to a year with proper hair and maintenance.

Ideal for : Clients who are looking for maximum density. No heat or adhesive used 

Not Ideal for :  Clients who wear their hair up in a high ponytail / bun.

K Tips

Maintenance: 4 – 6weeks to avoid matting &  4-6 months removal/reapplication with new hair 

Ideal for : Clients who like to wear their hair up or like to be creative with their styling.

Not Ideal for : Not the most suitable for active swimmers or women who are suffering from weak or damaged hair. 

Extension Consent Form

Highlighting (Foils or Balayage) Package

Ready to elevate your color game with effortlessly blended highlights or rock a bold money piece framing your face? In a single highlight sesh, we can work wonders, but for those big goals, we might map out a multi-highlight game plan. Each session hooks you up with highlight magic using foils (traditional, teasylights, foilyage), a bonding agent or metal detox, a gloss finish, and your choice of a fab blowout or haircut. Let’s turn those color dreams into reality!

Mini : $175 – 270+

Maintenance : $230 – 375+

Full : $270 – 440+

Melt Me Down Package

Has your hair gotten too light? Are you looking for a more lived-in look? This package will add depth and dimension into overly light or solid color. Works on any starting base (blondes, brunettes, reds). Each session includes lowlight application, bonding agent or metal detox, root melt, gloss & choice of blowout or haircut.

$230 – 310+

Transformative Color Package

Do you want to leave after one session with a completely new color? This is how the celebrities do it, and it takes time. Depending on desired outcome and your hair density/length this could take anywhere from 5-8 hours. This price depends on your stylist’s level as well as your desired result. If you would like a more accurate estimate of cost please book a consultation.

Priced hourly based on stylist level from $90 -125

Custom Color / Blonding Package

Get the hair color you want with our Custom Color—because there’s no one-size-fits-all vibe! Whether you’re into all-over blonding, a low-maintenance rooty look, or something in between, your colorist will customize your session to slay your beauty goals. Looking for a major color switch-up? We got you with our single-day 8-hour session. Otherwise, your colorist will craft a multi-session plan to hit your dream color while keeping your hair on point. Each sesh includes a deep-dive highlight application with foils (traditional, teasylights, foilyage, balayage), bonding agent or metal detox, root melt, gloss, and your pick of a killer blowout or haircut. Let’s make those hair dreams come true!

Mini : $245 – 310+

Partial : $275 – 425+

Full :  $360 – 490+

The Color Refresh Package

Are those grays poking through? Have your ends become washed out? This package includes a root retouch (either to cover or blend grays), a gloss (to color balance your mids & ends) & choice of blowout or  haircut.

$105 – 235+

extra charge may apply for additional color on long/thick hair
blow dry not included in coloring services unless it is one of our packages
prices are subject to change
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