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The Secrets to a Big, Full, Flawless Updo

The weather is changing in Ambler, PA, the home of Barberella Salon, and we’re excited about the warm spring days ahead. For a salon, springtime is usually about lightening colors and simplifying styles. Yet springs also marks the beginning of prom and wedding season, when a more complex style reigns supreme: the updo.

The official style of special events, the updo flatters your features and neckline while offering a relatively maintenance free style.

A perfect complement to a variety of dress styles, including high-neck, strapless, and v-neck styles, the updo is also a great warm weather choice. In the heat, getting your hair off your neck is a definite bonus!

There’s plenty of D.I.Y. advice online for styling your own updo. Glamour suggests a hair bungee. For a “big, full, and flawless” updo, Cosmopolitan suggests a “crazy looking donut thing” (or foam ring).

These are great options for weddings guests or prom dates. If you’re part of the main event, like a bridal party member, or you simply desire that big, full, flawless style, you’ll want to book a salon visit.

Want to nail a perfect updo style? Below we answer some your most common updo questions.

A Flawless Updo by Barberella Salon’s Owner, Trisha Stewart

Should You Wash Your Hair Before the Updo?

At Barberella Salon we often hear this question about updos: “Should I wash my hair before the updo?”

The logic of not washing your hair is sound: soft, squeaky clean hair may be harder to style into an updo; and often clean hair won’t “hold” the style as readily as second-day hair.

However, dirty hair presents its own problems, including the actual look, which may be greasy or dry.

So what to do?

We like the advice of Kendra Aarhus: “The idea is that your hair is not ‘dirty’ but that the moisture and oil in your hair should be properly balanced so that your hair will hold a style.”

Aarhus offers some sensible tips for pre-updo hair care: “If you wash your hair every day…wash your hair the day of your event,” preferably a few of hours before your appointment.

If you don’t wash your hair every day…wash your hair the day before your event.”

Ultimately, you know your hair. If a second-day style is best for you, go for it. If you tend to get too much build-up, don’t hesitate to wash before your appointment.

Quick Tip: A dry shampoo is a great way to resolve greasiness without compromising texture.

Hair Styling Before Your Updo

If you wash your straight hair the day of the updo, we recommend blow-drying for a smooth finish. If you wash your curly hair the day of the updo–and you want to wear it curly–you may blow-dry or air-dry, depending on your preference.

Before the blow-out, keep the styling products light, but don’t be afraid to use a light leave-in conditioner, a little volumizing product, like Davines’ Volume Boosting Mousse, or a texturizing powder, like Davines’ Texturizing Dust.

For straight or curly hair, try to stay away from oils or other heavy products that may weigh down your hair.

Quick Tip: Wear a button-up shirt to your appointment–easy on, easy off!

After Your Appointment: Maintaining Your Updo

A major attraction of the updo is its simple maintenance. We suggest a supply of bobby pins and a small can of hair spray to touch up any flyaways.

Just remember: too much product may change the style. So go easy.

And remember: Your special event hair is only one part of your big day. Once your style’s in place, let it be–and have fun!

Flawless Updos @ Barberella Salon

The stylists at Barberella Salon can help you create a big, full, flawless updo style for your special occasion. Book your next appointment online, or call today: 215-643-4066.